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Custom sign service bodies fully outfitted for ergonomics and productivity!

Patch Box – Reduces Worker Strain and Increases Productivity!

Unique Solutions to Maximize the Use of Your Fleet!

Saving you Money with Low Maintenance Costs & High Resale Value!

Reduce the life cycle cost of your fleet with


You can’t afford not to!

Eloquip aluminum bodies outlast steel bodies 4:1, increasing the resale value your fleet vehicle and reducing the life-cycle cost of your fleet. Eloquip uses only the highest grades of aluminum in the production of their bodies.

Marine grade 5083 H321 sheet aluminum is not only stronger than 5052, it is also extremely corrosion resistant. Don’t settle for inferior grades of aluminum.

Eloquip does not cut corners with respect to quality. Few aluminum truck bodies are manufactured to the high level of quality, durability and workmanship that are standard at Eloquip.

Contact Eloquip for detailed specifications before releasing a request for tender to ensure that you specify a product that will last 20 plus years in your fleet.

Eloquip has worked closely with many municipalities over the last 20 plus year, developing solutions that make your vehicle more multi-purpose and thereby reducing the number of vehicle required in your fleet.

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