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The steel dump body on the left is only 6 years old and is completely rusted out, good for scrap. The aluminum dump body on the right is 11 years old, still looks like new and is ready for another 15+ years of service.
Aluminum lasts and saves you money.



Eloquip Ltd. is a strong name in the custom aluminum truck body industry. Having been in business since 1986, we take pride in our customers’ satisfaction! Located in Southwestern Ontario, Eloquip is a leader in innovation and quality.

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Advantage aluminum

Aluminum Steel
Weight • Weighs Less = Fuel Savings • Weighs More
• 25% Higher Legal Payload • Low Legal Payload
Cost • Slightly higher initial cost is quickly offset by lower fleet life-cycle costs due to low maintenance and longevity • Small savings on initial purchase are quickly lost due to higher fleet life-cycle cost due to high maintenance costs and short lifespan
Appearance • Will not Rust • Rusts in a Short Period of Time
• Does Not Require Painting • Requires Regular Painting
• Professional Appearance for Years • Very Poor Appearance after 5 years
Longevity • Last for 20+ Years • Short life span, max 8 years
• Outlast a Steel Body 4:1 •  Needs to be Replaced Frequently
• Easily Changed Over onto New Chassis • Not Worth Changing Over
Resale Value • Lower Depreciation Factor • Higher Depreciation Factor
• High Resale Value • Minimal Value After 5 Years
Environment • 100% Recyclable • Less Environmentally Friendly
• Aluminum is one of the few metals that can be endlessly recycled